Unlocking uniqueness & creativity with efficient Tattoo Artists

At The Black Poppy Tattoo Parlour, our mission is to work with highly qualified tattoo artists to reach their full potential through love, discipline, and trust. Our core values are centred around putting our customers first, striving for excellence, showing respect, encouraging creativity, and enhancing team spirit. At our parlour, we take the creation of tattoo art seriously and are dedicated to providing an environment where artistic individuals can thrive. We hold all artists in high regard and make sure that nothing is ever done without their consent.

Our Expert Tattoo Artists Are As Follows -

Guest Artist

We Bring about Exclusive Repeat Guest Artists

Tali Manriquez

May 17th-19th 2024


Jun 1st-6th 2024

Alexander Hedera

Jul 4th-6th 2024

Andrea Alonso

Jul 4th-6th 2024

Rory Riot

Aug 1st-8th 2024

Vale Lovette

Aug 1st-8th 2024

Cecile Cherie

Aug 27th-31st 2024


Sept 23rd-29th 2024

Juan Marcos della Pace


Pamela Vecera