After getting a tattoo, here are some aftercare tips you need to keep in mind.

1. Do NOT take advice from your friends.

If you have doubts, please contact your artist or the shop for aftercare advice.

2. Cling film

Remove the bandage after 1-4 hrs. NEVER re wrap your tattoo.

3. Second skin

follow artists instructions, can stay for a couple days on the skin but remove immediately if skin becomes irritated, itchy, swollen, or if ink/blood pocket appears under bandage.

4. Once tattoo is un-wrapped

gently wash your tattoo with a non-scented, non-coloured, mild soap and leave uncovered with no cream for several hours.

5. After initial wash and dry period

wash the tattoo and let it fully dry, and apply a little, just enough to give a shine to the skin, tattoo lotion or cream. Repeat daily for 10-14 days.

6. Do NOT pick or scratch at tattoo even if it’s very itchy.

7. Avoid dirty environments

Stay out of pools, rivers, lakes, oceans, and all other bodies of water. Avoid all dirty or dusty environments, saunas, sun beds, make up, cosmetic products, and pets for at least 2 weeks after tattoo.