Gin started her tattoo apprenticeship in September 2014 after attending artistic High School and Brera Academy in Milan, Italy.

She has travelled extensively in an effort improve her art and technique, and has worked in Italy, America, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, England, Switzerland, and Ireland.

Gin loves to synthetize human emotions and experiences in her designs, challenges in life that have made you more resilient. Every tattoo can cover scars both physical and emotional.

The keywords are:

Tenderness. Gentle affection to the past. Feelings of warmth and affection for someone or something.

Melancholy. a noble form of sadness that arises when we are open to the fact that life is inherently difficult for everyone.

Consultations are always free of charge, so if you want to sit and talk with her before an appointment, and put your mind at easy, she is happy to meet you in the studio.